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First time wearing and trying the Aww So cute diapers. First 2 pics are just after I put it on at work and the second 2 are right before I took it off. It was one very very full diaper when it came off.

Damn they can hold a lot. Would have worn it longer but the harness for zipline would have squished it and made it leak. It could have held a lot more

First time wearing Bambino Bunnies. So far I’m loving them. To bad I only have the one.

In celebration of it being Batman Day and the 75th Anniversary of Batman. Wearing a M4 with stuffer under my Batman diaper cover.



Lol, apparantly myself and some other AB/DLs made our way onto Buzzfeed.


Found an abandoned school building the other day on the way to see a waterfall.

Hiking along the river final part 5.

Hiking along the river part 4

More hiking. Part 3

More hiking at the river. Part 2