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Nerf war over

Well the nerf war is over. Three ABDL’s showed up. Had fun except we had to keep looking for the darts in the tall grass. Decided to call it the First Munch for Hardin County in KY. Planning on doing it again.

Nerf War

I’m gearing up for a nerf war tomorrow afternoon/evening in Elizabethtown, KY. Bought a new nerf gun last night. If there are any ABDL’s in the area interested in join send me a message. I’m super excited.

Diaper status at 4pm. Part 4. After this the diaper was used to the point that it began to slosh. Will say though that not once did it ever leak.

Diaper status at 2pm. Part 3

Diaper status at 11am. Part 2

Diaper status at 11am. Part 2

Getting ready for work yesterday morning. Part 1

Just diapered up.

This was Sunday at work. Taken right before I changed out of it. Was afraid my rappel/zipline harness would make it leak.

The other day at work. Don’t think it could have held any more.

Yesterday at work. First time wearing a onesie to work. Bad thing is the onesie is a size to big.