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So what is kik? Should I get one and why?

Reblog this if it’s okay to talk to you and be your friend and ask you various questions about your Tumblr pictures/ and fetishes

Six hours and it didn’t leak. I’m impressed. I soaked it too. I like the Tena Slip.

Now I’m wet.

Think I’m a little wet. Should I change? Think it can hold more.

Trying a Tena Slip for the first time today. Not bulky so perfect with wearing under my clothes to work. Also fits nicely with wearing my harness for work. So far it seems to hold a good amount.

First time wearing and trying the Aww So cute diapers. First 2 pics are just after I put it on at work and the second 2 are right before I took it off. It was one very very full diaper when it came off.

Damn they can hold a lot. Would have worn it longer but the harness for zipline would have squished it and made it leak. It could have held a lot more

First time wearing Bambino Bunnies. So far I’m loving them. To bad I only have the one.

In celebration of it being Batman Day and the 75th Anniversary of Batman. Wearing a M4 with stuffer under my Batman diaper cover.